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Meditation is a another great way to relax and therefore control your anxiety.

To get you going on a natural stress relief program, here are three easy steps to take at the beginning:

1. Do something that is virtually guaranteed to relax you - Smilz CBD Gummies like taking a nice hot bath. To enhance the relaxation of the bath, you can dim the lights or possibly add some bubble bath to the water. Soft background music can also help set a relaxing environment. For safety, set a non-intrusive alarm (radio) to make sure that you don't fall asleep in the tub.

2. A second suggestion is to relax with a drink of your favorite hot (non-caffeinated) beverage. The recommended beverage is decaf tea. As with the bath, sitting in your favorite chair with the lights dim and some relaxing background music with your hot drink will do a lot to relax your body. Closing your eyes and focusing on the background music will will provide welcome stress relief to your mind.

3. Meditation is a another great way to relax and therefore control your anxiety. If you like to do yoga, that's a great way to meditate. If not, just find some quiet place, clear your mind of negative or stressful thoughts, and just let all your cares go for a few minutes. Do this several times each day and it can be a great way to lower your anxiety level.



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